CLOSEOUT: Maximizing Evernote Masterclass SKU: 137702

Create a framework and structure for Evernote, an amazing note taking app, for you and your projects. Comes with 4 webinar replays and guide--directly in Evernote!

NOTE: This is the original Evernote class. It does note contain updated information or guides. But purchasing this will entitle you to a discounted upgrade when the full Evernote is Bae class is released.


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  • Do you have brilliant ideas but forget them before you can write them down?
  • When you do write down your ideas, do you lose or forget where you put them?
  • Would you like a place where you can keep your ideas organized until you're ready to work on or share them?
  • Do you work on multiple projects and want one place to keep up with everything?

There is a solution for that!


Evernote is a multi platforma note taking app that helps keep you organized. It is like having an entire filing cabinet at your fingertips!

Evernote is easy to use. But also easy to overcomplicate.

This class helps maximize your usage of Evernote!

With this class you will receive

  • 4 webinar replays
  • Notes, Tips and Suggestions as Evernote notes that end up being an Evernote textbook for you to keep and refer to
  • Evernote uses by niches
  • Tips on how to use the Evernote email address
  • Blog and Content Creation Templates
  • Checklists

I spent a total of 6hrs working in Evernote today for my upcoming event. Because of the webinar course, I placed all of my task-action items, checklists, budgetary items and volunteer tasks in my notes and notebooks. 
I was pulling notes from random places and from my paper notebook and I placed them ALL in my Evernote notebook.

Adeea Rogers, thank you for the webinar class. My mind is officially clutter free and I am no longer stressed because I can see everything regarding my event in one location. #gamechanger #ItisBAE

Adeea is an Evernote Certified Consultant and has been using Evernote for over 5 years!

You will receive an email with links to the Evernotes that contain the lessons. You can then save the notes to your own Evernote and organize them for future use.