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Through interactive webinars and access to swipe files, learn how to maximize your use of MailChimp to engage, connect, and convert your email subscribers.


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Email marketing is still a very viable way of connecting with your audience. Even in this age of social media, email marketing should be part of your marketing plan for your business. Not sure that email is still for you? Here are some reasons email marketing is still effective:


  • It builds credibility with your audience

  • You can reach people on any device

  • Even if they miss your social media, your email is still in their inbox

  • Grow your audience

  • Stay at the top of your readers’ minds

Your email list is one of the 2 things that you own online. That and your website. Even if all forms of social media were wiped out tomorrow, you could still communicate with your audience and make money with a website and an email list.

Do you use MailChimp as your Email listserv?


In these 4 interactive masterclasses, we will


  • Build an email template for your brand

  • Learn how to segment your list by groups or type

  • Create an automated workflow for your opt-in for freemium

  • Learn tips and emails to send to increase engagement with your highly engaged email subscribers

  • Set up an automated workflow for your website, course, offer, etc.

  • Learn how to add email marketing to your existing content calendar

Read what one person has to say about this class...


Over the course of 4 years I discovered I neglected my subscribers, stopped talking to them, and simply turned off the lights. Nothing, and I mean nothing was lighting the fire under me to 1. stop wasting money as I was paying forMailchimp and 2. commit to sending at least 1 message a week. That is until I became a student in Adeea Rogers Mailchimp Master class. I learned the basic fundamentals of setting up my on boarding automation, with actual templates that only required me to stop being minimally lazy and put the messages in my own voice. 
I also got the confidence I needed to delete over 1145 subscribers that had lost their will to open my messages. Truth be told I would have quit me too, so I didn't take the discovery of them not reading my messages too bad. Adeea'steaching style can be described as motherly with a drop of pastor petty. You would have to be in church on Easter Sunday to truly understand that last one. 
Needless to say, I have recommitted myself to falling back in love with my newsletter and all of the reasons why I started paying for it in the first place. I've become dedicated to sending a weekly wrap up every Friday, and I've received messages back from my subscribers following Adeea's methods. Now, if I see someone unsubscribe from my newsletter, I say "you're crazy, my messages are awesome". I believe it more now than ever. 
If you're on the fence and don't know what to do next with your newsletter, this is the course for you. I didn't need to be asked to send a testimonial on my experience, that speaks volumes to the lessons awaiting you on the other side of your decision. I truly believe with Adeea's help the communications between you and your subscribers can be enhanced, why? because it's already happened in my business. #BlessUp & Fly Higher.
Diana Ramsey, founder of SistersWithBeauty; author of Butterfly Transition.