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Examples and email marketing text that you can use for your business, brand, or blog.


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You hear all of the marketing gurus say that email marketing is important. You have created an email list. But actually writing the emails? Yeah, that's a whole other story!

I have something to help with that.

Sometimes it is easier to edit something that is already written, as opposed to writing something for scratch. And that's what you get in 


Swipe my files includes email content that you can 


and use for your brand, business, course, blog, etc.

In the Swipe My Emails Suite, you will receive:

  • Welcome and Onboarding Email Sequence Worksheets
  • Holiday Sales Email Series (8 emails)
  • You're a rockstar
  • Dear John
  • And much more!

These emails will help you to engage and get to know your clients or customers--which is key in customer loyalty. The email swipe files are delivered via Evernote and links. If emails are added, you will be notified!