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Do you listen to podcasts? Have you evern thought about starting your own?

If you were like me, one Google search led to overwhelm. This is why it took me over 2 years to actually publish my podcast! Even with uber helpful guides from some gurus, I still had questions like

  • How do I plan an episode?
  • How do I secure guests?
  • How do I automate the guest appearance process?
  • How can I be intentional about monetizing my podcast from its inception?
  • How can I create content for my podcast without creating a bunch of extra work for myself!

This guide is designed especially for beginners. To take you from an idea of a podcast to actually publishing one! Whether you're doing this as a hobby or for fun, or as an extension of your brand or biz--this guide will help you create a podcast that you enjoy and that your audience finds valuable!

You do not have to...

  • Be a sound engineer
  • Spend your rent/mortgage on equipment
  • Have a large, already established audience

This guide includes

  • PDF and Evernote guides
  • Podcast Episode Planning Template
  • Checklists on Checklists on Checklists
  • Worksheets to help you plan your podcast so it stands out

The guide and links will be delivered to those who pre-order via email on

Thursday, April 6, 2017