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A Webinar full of tips, tools, and templates to help you "reclaim your time" and get 'er done.


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Many of us know our purpose. We know exactly what we want our business, blog, non-profit, book, etc. to be and do. The main thing nagging at us is,

"How in the world do we find the time to do it?"

I created this webinar to help provide mindset shifts, tips, and strategies so that we can do as "Auntie" Congresswoman Maxine Waters says, 


In this 3 hour webinar you will

  • Understand the differences between a successful mindset vs. a hindering mindset that increases your productivity
  • Discover how to "end" a goal or project when you want to focus energy elsewhere
  • How to overcome 6 Productivity Pressures
  • How to increase what you P.R.O.D.U.C.E.
  • Lifestyle Design Models to create your schedule
  • Easy things to delegate
  • My favorite productivity tools
  • What is and how you can reduce "decision fatigue"
  • Productivity Practices that produce results
  • What to do while waiting in line
  • Effective Multi-tasking (yes, there are ways to do it effectively)

In addition to all of this content, you also receive

  • A list of my favorite productivity tools
  • Time Management Techniques and Models from the webinar for easy referral
  • How to create your own "iGrind Naturally" Week
  • 3 Music playlists to help your mindset and your productivity
  • 3 Evernote calendar templates
  • The Evernote Goal Setting System