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40+ page coloring pages for you to print and enjoy!


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Among the things that accomplished people have in common is their daily routines. We hear a lot about morning routines to set the intentions for our day. But I think it is equally important to end your day with a routine as well.

One of the things I incorporated into my evening routine is coloring. I loved coloring as a child. From time to time as an adult, I would get an urge to color and would buy a coloring book and crayons.

Now coloring as an adult is a "thing" and there are now coloring books just for us grown folks (smile).

Coloring has some benefits:

  • The repetitive motion of coloring calms your mind
  • Negative feelings can be replaced with positive ones
  • Can help minimize negative behavior caused by certain triggers

While coloring does not and should not replace therapy (something I highly recommend), it can be a strategic component in your arsenal of coping mechanisms.

So, I created a coloring book just for us! Not only does it have some similar images you've seen before, I included one of my signature messages in the sheets!

Print and bind the pages together (at Kinko's, Office Depot, Staples, etc.) to have your own coloring book!