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In this 2.5 hour webinar we go into detail about my 4 S's of creating a podcast: how to Shape, Style, Setup, and Share your podcast


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67 Million Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month. 
Would you like your brand, biz, or blog to connect with even 1% of them?

Have you thought about starting a podcast, but have NO IDEA where to begin?


Even with uber helpful guides from some gurus, I still had questions like

  • How do I plan an episode?
  • How do I secure guests?
  • How do I automate the guest appearance process?
  • How can I be intentional about monetizing my podcast from its inception?
  • How can I create content for my podcast without creating a bunch of extra work for myself

In this Training, you will learn

  • Podcast Creation Process - My step-by-step process for planning your podcast from inception to publication
  • Podcast Mechanics - Guidance in making decisions regarding media hosts, equipment, technology, etc. in creating your podcast
  • Podcast Promotion - Methods and processes to promote your podcast
  • Make Your Podcast Stand Out - How your listener avatar, value added benefits, and niche can help your podcast shine!
  • How it All Fits In - How to avoid "double work by planning "SMART" Podcast content

What if you could learn to podcast with a schmedium amount of work, but lots of fun?!

  • Shape Your Podcast - Set up your listener profile, your reasons why, and background for your podcast
  • Style Your Podcast - The graphics to style your podcast
  • Set Up Your Podcast - How to organize and set up your podcast including your guest scheduling process. Also receive templates and checklists to make the creation of your podcast easier.
  • Share Your Podcast - Tips and strategies to share your podcast and to monetize it.

With this class, you will receive...

  • Live Training - Learn as you build; Build as you learn
  • Community Support - to help in creation and promotion
  • Checklists - on every part of my podcast creation process
  • Worksheets & Templates - to help you create a great podcast
  • Replay - to go over again and again